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"Villages are the beautiful threads woven into the fabric of our world, each with a unique tapestry of culture, resilience, and untapped potential. Let us uplift these rural havens, igniting hope, empowering dreams, and embracing the power of community. Together, we can cultivate gardens of opportunity and create a symphony of progress that resonates far beyond their humble borders."


All the selected 5 villages are in the Chikhaldara block and covered under the tiger buffer zone area. The students are short of foundational literacy and numeracy, lack basic infrastructure and  there is a need to sensitize parents regard children higher education.  

Current Scenario

  • Tarubanda village is located in the tiger buffer zone area. It has schooling till 8th standard after which students don't have an alternative but to drop out of the education system

  • The literacy rate of Tarubanda is 52.06% (2011, Census). To parents, their children's higher education isn't a priority. Additionally, the lack of public transportations makes poor connectivity a contributing factor.

  • This is one of the villages, where villagers face water scarcity every year. There is no safe drinking water facility, no proper toilets and lacks sports equipment. By providing some of these facilities and improving basic infrastructure we can strengthen foundational literacy and numeracy, and sensitize parents to the importance of their child's higher education.


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