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We recognize the vital role education plays in transforming rural communities and fostering sustainable development. However, we understand the unique challenges that hinder educational progress in rural areas, such as limited resources, teacher shortages, and geographical barriers.

Our mission is to bridge these gaps by implementing innovative solutions, promoting community engagement, and forging partnerships with stakeholders. Through our initiatives, we strive to provide equitable access to quality education, empower students with essential skills, and create a brighter future for rural upgrowth. Join us in our journey to empower education in rural communities and unlock the potential of every learner.

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WHy Education?

Sustainable Development Goal 04: Ensuring Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education and the Promotion of lifelong learning opportunities.

According to the recent PRABAND Samagra Shiksha report, 1.2 million students in India are out of school, most of them at the elementary level. Behind these figures,there are children and youth being denied not only a right, but opportunities: a fair chance to get a decent job, to escape poverty, to support their families, and to develop their communities. In the rural area region of Melghat, schools lack quality education whereas even families are also socio-economically backwards. As UNESCO's 'Education For All' campaign reiterates,"Education is the building block of every society."

WHat we do?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I Iearn”. Benjamin Franklin.

Sadaya aims to uplift and empower the rural school forquality education by actively involving all children in the lifelong learning process. Sadaya ensures after school hours children are engaged in academic as well as non-academic activities like sports, indoor games, music, dance etc. Sadaya aims to break  hindrances to the pursuit of higher education, technical skills and a professional career. Sadaya foundation  works to encourage and transform each and every child to attain a certain standard of living through education.

How we do it?

  • Sadaya aims to create community centers in villages where children can engage with volunteers for academic and non-academic hours. We realize that the government school can strengthen the foundational literacy numeracy of children.

  • Create a school with an attractive atmosphere and improve the infrastructure of water and sanitation.

  • To build leaders of tomorrow from the community by providing life skill exposure and value-based enhancement sessions.

  • To create awareness among the parents for a child's career and increase community participation in school and village development.

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The Sadaya Road Map outlines several initiatives and goals for the community. Here's a breakdown of the timeline:

  • Community Centers: The plan is to establish community centers in the Sadaya area by 2024. These centers could serve as focal points for various activities and services.

  • Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (2025):The goal is to achieve foundational levels of literacy and numeracy among the community members by 2025. This initiative aims to improve basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills.

  • Free Spoken English Classes (2025): Starting in 2025, the community plans to offer free spoken English classes. This initiative can help community members develop English language skills for better communication and employment opportunities.

  • Library on Wheels & Computer Classes (2026): In 2026, the community intends to launch a mobile library service, commonly referred to as a "Library on Wheels." This service could bring books, educational resources, and potentially computer classes to different locations within the Sadaya area.

  • Digital Classroom (2026): By 2026, the Sadaya community aims to establish a digital classroom. This could involve setting up technological infrastructure to facilitate e-learning, online educational resources, and digital teaching methods.

  • Life Skills and Leadership Development (2026): The plan is to focus on developing life skills and leadership qualities among community members by 2026. This initiative could involve workshops, training programs, and mentoring to enhance personal and professional development.

  • Zero Dropouts Till Secondary Education (2027): The ultimate goal set for the Sadaya community is to achieve zero dropout rates until the 10th grade (secondary education) by 2027. 

Future projects

  • In the rural areas of Melghat, we are committed to implementing comprehensive health and hygiene initiatives to improve the well-being of the community. Our approach includes raising awareness through campaigns on essential hygiene practices such as handwashing, safe water usage, sanitation, and waste management.

  • We prioritize infrastructure development by constructing clean water sources, sanitation facilities, and promoting clean cooking methods to reduce indoor air pollution. Access to healthcare is enhanced through the establishment of mobile clinics, medical camps, and provision of necessary medical supplies.

  • Training and capacity building programs equip community members, healthcare workers, and local volunteers with knowledge and skills in health and hygiene practices. Behavior change programs focus on promoting positive habits, and collaborations with local stakeholders ensure sustainable implementation. Continuous monitoring and evaluation help us assess the impact of our programs and make necessary improvements. Our goal is to create a healthier and hygienic future for the rural population of Melghat.


Target Locations


"Through the lens of rural life, we capture the raw beauty of simplicity, the rich tapestry of community, and the enduring spirit that breathes life into every corner of the countryside."

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