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Sadaya First Community Centre at Patku

A Community Learning Center serves as a dedicated space where children can come together to share, learn, and grow under the guidance of educators. This initiative is held before school hours, aiming to provide assistance with homework and offer engaging learning experiences. These experiences encompass various activities such as scribbling, games, songs, and art, all designed to make learning enjoyable. Our primary focus at the moment revolves around Marathi, Math, and English subjects, utilizing the innovative Sadaya teaching-learning methods.

To enhance comprehension, we incorporate the native Korku language to ensure a solid grasp of academic fundamentals and clear conceptual understanding. As part of our approach, we initially conduct pre-assessments in mathematics to gauge the children's existing knowledge. This strategy allows us to tailor our teaching methods effectively. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where learning is interactive and holistic, laying the foundation for a brighter educational journey.

Engaging in a daily word-based activity, Sadaya Foundation implements dedicated time-breakout sessions infused with fun-filled games, effectively capturing children's interest in their studies while preventing boredom. Through these interactive games, children are not only entertained but also encouraged to express themselves, actively listen, share their thoughts, and establish meaningful connections with their educators. These sessions go beyond traditional learning, fostering an environment where education becomes a vibrant and enjoyable experience. By blending education with entertainment, we are nurturing young minds to become enthusiastic learners while forging stronger bonds between students and educators.

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